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Girl With a Pearl Earring - Tracy Chevalier

This picture was taken in Amsterdam in 2009.

Tracy Chevalier is an American writer.
Girl With a Pearl Earring was first published in 1999.

Girl With a Pearl Earring was adapted into a film in 2003.

Girl With a Pearl Earring is a painting by Johannes Vermeer.


hebe said...

Lara, you looks fabulous... loved the image.....

Italia said...

Girl with a Pearl Earring is novel about Griet, a young girl who must work as a maid to support her family, who is failing financially. She is chosen by Johannes Vermeer, along with his wife Catharina, after she displays an understanding for detail and color. She enters the household and in turn a completely different world altogether, where she must adapt to the lifestyle she doesn't necessarily always understand and maintain her dignity as well. It portrays a theme of rigidness of class structure, as well as painting a picture of want that is highlighted by restraint, not necessarily brazen behavior. Although I found the writing to be a perfect fit for the voice of the narrator, it was just that that I didn't like. I am drawn to extremely strong and unique writing styles, and although Chevaliers voice wasn't necessarily weak, there was something about it that turned me off. I didn't see much of a demographic in this book, so it would be a good fit for really anyone, whether you're reading it to supplement some historical reading, or just to read.