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Livro de Mágoas - Florbela Espanca

This photo was taken in Amsterdam in 2008.

Florbela Espanca was a Portuguese poet. Livro de Mágoas (The Book of Sorrows, in English) was first published in 1919.
"To be a poet is to be taller, to be bigger
Than average men!
It is to bite as if you’re kissing!

It is to give alms, although you are a beggar,
Like the king of a realm where only pain is missing!

It is to have inside yourself a flaming star,
To have the condor's mighty claw and wing!

To be hungry and thirsty for the sky!

To condense the world into one lonely cry!

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carolina hornauer said...

hey...I know this girl!

How are you?
we are fine,with a lot of new plans for life....
many greetings and kisses.